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Machine learning has become the core of the value creation and transformation process in all spheres of our life - Business, agriculture, healthcare, government, defence and scientific research.
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"Python programming for Data Science and Machine Learning Learning Python with the specific objectives of being able to 1. Fetch, cleanse and prepare datasets for consumption by ML algorithms 2. Work with ML Libraries such as Scikit Learn and Tensorflow for optimisation, performance metrics generation, regularisation and other steps in the ML lifecycle 3. Data visualisation for better understand
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Getting to know the Mathematics and Statistics behind the ML algorithms. Appreciation of these concepts helps in 1. Understanding how the algorithms learn from data 2. Explaining how the results have been obtained 3. Selecting appropriate evaluation parameters Discussion of these topics are done in the context of solving business problems with Machine Learning algorithms and theoretical depth i
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Appreciation of different aspects of AIML 1. What is AI and how machines learn - concept and the mechanics 2. Different applications of machine learning 3. Getting ready to leverage machine learning
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This course is about neuroscience of performance. After doing this course, you will be able to understand what drives performance and take conscious decisions to improve performance. A must course for every individual.