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"Python programming for Data Science and Machine Learning Learning Python with the specific o...


Python programming for Data Science and Machine Learning
Learning Python with the specific objectives of being able to
1. Fetch, cleanse and prepare datasets for consumption by ML algorithms
2. Work with ML Libraries such as Scikit Learn and Tensorflow for optimisation, performance metrics generation, regularisation and other steps in the ML lifecycle
3. Data visualisation for better understanding of data and impactful presentation of results

Discussion of these topics are done in the context of solving business problems with Machine Learning algorithms. This module is aimed at providing the required Python programming skills to Machine Learning engineers. Those interest in becoming expert Python programmers need to supplement these skills with other Python programming concepts such as web scraping, web integration, API development etc. which are generally not used in machine learning.

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Introduction to Python - Origin, Philosophy and Simplicity
Introduction to Python and computational thinking
Python - comments, variables and types, lists, console io
Getting started with Python - comments, datatype
Python - comments, datatypes, assignment
2.0 Python-string Operations
3.0 Python- print formatting
4.0 Python - datatime
Python-data structure
Python - lists and other collections