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The AWS Training by Sudaksha is designed by experts to give you access to a highly-rated learning curriculum to help you achieve ...

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The AWS Training by Sudaksha is designed by experts to give you access to a highly-rated learning curriculum to help you achieve your AWS success. In this course, you will master architectural principles of AWS and key services like IAM, VPC, EC2 and EBS. Additionally, you will work on different tools of AWS cloud platform and create highly scalable fault-tolerant SaaS applications.


AWS is widely known technology and used by leading companies in the software industry. The cloud infrastructure market share of AWS is on the top with 32% and others like microsoft and google cloud are less when compared with 19% and 7% respectively. So, learning AWS can bring you a lot of job opportunities and Sudaksha can make you become a master in it.




This training is best suited for System Administrators, Network administrators, and Solution architects looking to create SaaS applications.




  1. Introduction to cloud computing


About Cloud Computing

Learning about Cloud Service & Deployment Models

why AWS is leading the cloud domain

Types of cloud computing products AWS offers

Overview of AWS S3, EC2, VPC, EBS, ELB, AMI

AWS architecture

AWS Management Console

virtualization in AWS (Xen hypervisor)

About auto-scaling

AWS EC2 best practices

  1. Working with Elastic compute and storage volumes


Overview of EC2

Different Regions & availability

EC2 instance types

Public IP vs Elastic IP

Demonstrating how to launch an AWS EC2 instance

Introduction to AMIs, Creating and Copying an AMI

Introduction to EBS

EBS volume types

EBS Snapshots

Introduction to EFS

Instance tenancy-Reserved and Spot instances

Pricing and Design Patterns.


  1. Load balancing, Auto scaling, and DNS


Overview of Elastic Load Balancer(ELB)

Types of ELB – Classic, Network and Application

Load balancer architecture

Cross-zone load balancing

Overview of different types of Scaling

lifecycle of Auto Scaling

Auto Scaling Components

scaling options and policy

instance termination

Using load balancer with Auto Scaling

Pre-Route 53 – how DNS works

Routing policy

Route 53 terminologies



  1. Virtual private cloud


Overview of Amazon VPC

VPC as a networking layer for EC2

IP address and CIDR notations

Components of VPC

Security in VPC


  1. Storage- Simple Storage Services


Overview of AWS storage

online cloud storage

API, S3 consistency models

Storage hierarchy, buckets in S3

Objects in S3

metadata and storage classes

object versioning

object lifecycle management

cross-region replication

data encryption

connecting using VPC endpoint

S3 pricing.


  1. Databases and In-Memory DataStores


overview of database

Types of databases

databases on AWS

Learning about Amazon RDS

Multi-AZ deployments

Features of RDS

Read replicas in RDS

Reserved DB instances

RDS pricing and design patterns

Introduction to Amazon Aurora

Benefits of Aurora

Aurora pricing and design patterns

Introduction to DynamoDB

components of DynamoDB

DynamoDB pricing and design patterns

Overview of Amazon Redshift

Redshift advantages

What is ElastiCache

Need of ElastiCache.


  1. Management and Application Services


Overview of CloudFormation

CloudFormation components

CloudFormation templates

The concept of Infrastructure-as-a-code

Functions and pseudo parameters

Introduction to Simple Notification Service(SNS)

Working of SNS

Introduction to Simple Email Service(SES)

Working of SES

Introduction to Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Working of SQS


  1. Access Management and Monitoring Services



need for access management

Amazon Resource Name (ARN)

IAM features

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) in IAM, JSON

IAM policies

IAM permissions

IAM roles

identity federation


Introduction to CloudWatch

Metrics and namespaces

CloudWatch architecture

Dashboards in CW

CloudWatch alarms

CloudWatch logs

pricing and design patterns

Introduction to CloudTrail

Tracking API usage.


  1. Automation and Configuration management


What is AWS Lambda

Comparing Lambda with EC2

advantages and limitations of Lambda

How does Lambda work

Use cases of Lambda

Lambda concepts

Integration S3 with Lambda

What is Elastic Beanstalk

How does Beanstalk work

Beanstalk concepts

Beanstalk pricing

What is configuration management

Overview of AWS OpsWorks

AWS OpsWorks benefits

CloudFormation vs OpsWorks

Services in OpsWorks

AWS OpsWorks Stacks

OpsWorks pricing


  1. Amazon FSx and Global Accelerator


Introduction to FSx

Types of FSx

FSx for Windows server

How does FSx for Windows File Server work

FSx for Lustre

Use cases of FSx

Automatic failover process

Supported clients and access methods

Introduction to Global Accelerator

How Global Accelerator works

Listeners and Endpoints

What are AWS Organizations

Features of AWS Organizations

Managing multiple accounts

What are ENIs

ENAs and EFAs

Working with network interfaces

Enhanced Networking with ENA

EFA with MPI

Monitoring an EFA

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