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Azure Training at Sudaksha is designed to help you prepare for Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect - AZ-303 & 304. ...

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Azure Training at Sudaksha is designed to help you prepare for Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect - AZ-303 & 304. Candidates appearing for this exam will be skilled Solution Architects who are experts in advising and translating requirements into secure, reliable, scalable solutions. In this course, you’ll gain knowledge on advanced networking configuration, reliability, security, identity, security, virtualization, business continuity, data management, disaster recovery, budgeting, and governance.


Microsoft Azure is a leader in the cloud market and continues to grow exponentially. The cloud market has increased by 33% and learning this technology can keep you in trend while bringing many career opportunities. The average salary of a Cloud Solutions Architect is $130,000 per annum.




This course is best suited for system admins, QA engineers, Architects, storage and security admins, programmers, etc.




  1. Introduction to Azure


Overview of cloud computing

About Microsoft Azure

About Azure Services

Overview of azure portal

Azure command line interface

Azure powershell


  1. Introduction to ARM and Azure storage


Azure resources and subscriptions

Resource manager in Azure

Tags in Azure

Storage Account and their types

Blob storage

Azure CDN

Storage files in azure

Azure file sync


  1. Overview of Azure storage


Table Storage in Azure

Queue Storage in Azure

Storage Explorer in Azure

Shared access signature in Azure

Azure Databox

Storage replication

Options in Data replication

Azure import/export service


  1. Azure Virtual Machines


Virtual Machines in Azure

Azure Data disks

VM’s and interfaces in Azure

ARM & VHD Templates

Custom images in Azure VM

Virtual machine Scale sets and Availability sets


  1. Azure app and container services


App Service Web App for containers

App service Plan

App service networking

Deployment slots

Container image

Kubernetes service in Azure

Container registry in Azure


  1. Networking in Azure


Virtual networks in Azure

Vnet components in Azure

Public and Private IP’s

Vnet Subnets in Azure

Network interface cards in azure

Network Security Group

Route Tables

Service Tags

Azure and private DNS


  1. Networking in Azure - Part 2


Application Gateway

Front door service in Azure

Traffic manager in Azure

Application security groups

Load balancers in Azure

Azure Firewall

Bastion in azure

Network watcher

Express route in azure

Express route in azure

Express route peering


  1. Azure Authenticating and Authorizing using RBAC


Azure Identity and access management

Role based access management

Role definitions

Azure role assignment resources

Users and groups in Azure

RBAC policies


  1. Active Directory in Microsoft Azure


Overview of Azure Active Directory (AD)

Comparing Windows AD and Azure AD

Azure AD Users, Groups, Tenants

Authentication Options

AD connect in Azure

Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)

Resource Locks

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)


  1. Monitoring in Azure


Monitoring Azure

Metrics in Azure

Log Analytics

Alerts and Actions

Application insights

Reports Backup

Recovery services vault

Backup of Azure VM’s

VM Backup policies

Azure VIrtual Machine Restoration


  1. Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)


Fraud alerts in MFA

Bypass options in MFA

Truster IP’s in MFA

Azure Key Vault

AD Managed Identities in Azure

AD Application Management in Azure


  1. Azure Migration


Learning VM migration

Azure Migrate

Site recovery in Azure

Server Assessment and Migration


  1. Azure Data Platform: Part-1


NoSQL & NoSQL Database

Cosmos Database

Multiple API’s and Data Models

Request Units

Request Unit Calculator

Partition key

Achieving elastic scale

Cross-platform queries

Turnkey global

Document Database

Replication and consistency


  1. Azure Data Platform: Part-2


Data Migration Tool

SQL Rich Query

Operators and Functions in SQL

Client Development

Users, permissions, and resource tokens

Indexing policies

Server side programming model

Table API


Cosmos DB graph Database

Populating the graph

Bi-directional relationships

Table storage in azure




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