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Sudaksha’s Blue Prism Training helps you enhance your skills and knowledge required for building a career in Blue Prism. Our ex...

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Sudaksha’s Blue Prism Training helps you enhance your skills and knowledge required for building a career in Blue Prism. Our experienced industry trainers will help you learn the concepts clearly and execute the real time scenarios to get hands-on experience. You’ll learn topics like RPA basics, RPA Automation Essentials and using best practices to build bots.

According to Gartner, RPA revenue grew immensely to 63% when compared to others. RPA software in 2019 has reached 1.3$ billion and continues to grow. So, start learning the most emerging technology right now to take your career ahead. Enroll now with Sudaksha to master Blue Prism.


This course is best suited for Business Analysts, IT Professionals, System Administrators, Business Process Executives.




  1. Introduction to Blue Prism

Overview of Blue Prism

About RPA and Blue prism


  1. Process Studio

Process Execution

Process Validation

Design and calculation stage

Data items


  1. Process Flow 

Decision Making

Circular paths

Set Next Stage

Controlling Play

Loops and Connections

Layers of Logic

Organization Pages



  1. Blue prism inputs and outputs

Input Parameters

Stepping and pages

Data Item Visibility

Data Types

Output and Start-up parameters

Process outcomes

Control room


  1. Business Objects

Objects Studio

Business Objects


Action Stage

Process Layer 


  1. Objects Studio

Creating a business object

Application Modeler

Spying elements


Attributes Selection

Launch, Wait and Timeouts

Terminate, Attach and detach

Write, press, read


  1. Introduction to Error Case and Management

Exception handling

Error Management

Recover and Resume

Throwing exceptions

Bubbling exceptions

Block Exception

Hands-on exception handling


  1. Case Managers

Queue Items

Configuring work queue

Defer, Attempts

Pause and Resume

Filters, reports


  1. Consolidated Exercise

Order System Process

Consolidated Exercise checklist

Submitting an Asset 


  1. Additional Features

Configuring Safe Stop

Collection Actions

Choice Stage

Logging and Log viewer

System Manager

Grouping of Process/Business objects

Process & Objects references

Export and Import VBOs

Packages and Releases in Release Manager


  1. Advanced Features

Undefined collections

Data Item Exposure and Initialisation

Casting, codestage and run mode

Initialize and Cleanup

Match Types and Dynamic Attributes

Active Accessibility

Application manager mode

Global keys and clicks

Credentials and environment locking

Command Line Interface

Resource PC


  1. Future Application Types

Mainframe  and java apps

Match index and Match reverse

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