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DevOps training by Sudaksha will prepare you to excel in the career of devops. It helps you in gaining knowledge in continuous de...

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DevOps training by Sudaksha will prepare you to excel in the career of devops. It helps you in gaining knowledge in continuous development and deployment, automating configuration management, IT service agility and  inter-team collaboration. You’ll be working with devops tools like Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, Cucumber, Teamcity, Git, and Nagios.<br>


The requirement for DevOps engineers is rising and the companies hiring DevOps

Professionals are increasing continuously. Learning DevOps could help you acquire immense growth in your professional career. The Average salary of a DevOps engineer is $105,000.




This course is best suited for software developers, architects, project managers, deployment engineers, IT managers, operations support and development managers.



  1. Introduction to Devops


About  DevOps

Relation between Agile and DevOps

Devops Toolchain

Principles of DevOps

Traditional approach challenges 

DevOps approach to the challenges

DevOps tools overview

Devops best practices

Devops tools categories

About DevSecOps

Devops workflow

  1. Version Control Systems (VCS)


Introduction to VCS

Role of VCS

Different types of control systems

Overview of GIT

About Source code

Version control hosts

Deploying files to github through git 


  1. Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Build tools


Overview of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD)

Importance of CI and CD

Introduction to Jenkins

Setting up jenkins

Installing and Configuring jenkins

Overview of Teamcity

Setting up teamcity

Build tools and their uses

Continuous integration with jenkins and maven


  1. Software and Automation testing frameworks


Overview of software testing

Testing level approaches and automation tools

Test-driven development

Using Junit5 for development

Installing Cucumber

Behaviour driven development principles and approaches


  1. Configuration Management Tools


Introduction to configuration management tools

Managing infrastructure

Types of tools in configuration management

Puppet overview

Puppet configuration

Chef overview

Chef configuration

Ansible overview

Setting up apache web server using ansible

Saltstack overview

Comparing all the tools


  1. Containerization using docker


Docker Overview

Virtualization Overview

Installing docker on multiple OS

MySQL database in docker container

Using docker compose for managing a container

Docker registry

Using Centos to Run docker registry

Networking in Docker


  1. Continuous Monitoring


Continuous Monitoring overview

Monitoring system types

Demonstrate Nagios

Using Nagios monitoring tool

Grafana overview

ELK stack


  1. Cloud in DevOps


Cloud Computing Overview

Cloud models and services

Aws in DevOps


Adding linux node to kubernetes cluster

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