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Sudaksha’s Informatica Training meets the industry standards with our course pattern designed by certified professionals to giv...

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Sudaksha’s Informatica Training meets the industry standards with our course pattern designed by certified professionals to give you an immersive learning experience. This informatica course lets you master the concepts of data integration like ETL and Data Mining with Informatica Powercenter. This live informatica training gives you hands-on experience with projects and case-studies.


Informatica is a leader in Enterprise ETL tools and the companies using informatica are GE, eBay, EMC, FedEX and many other fortune 500 companies involved. The average salary of an informatica developer is $89,981 per annum.




Informatica Training is best suited for individuals who are working in roles like data integration developers, Powercentre administrators, etc.




  1. Informatica Powercenter 10


Overview of informatica and it's product suite

Informatica Powercenter as ETL Tool

Architecture of informatica powercenter

component based development techniques


  1. Basics of Data integration and Data warehousing


Concepts of Data Integration

Data Profile

Data Quality Management

About ETL

ETL architecture

overview of Data Warehousing


  1. Powercenter transformations


PowerCenter client tools visualization

Data Flow

Create & execute mapping

Transformations and their uses


  1. Tasks and workflows in informatica powercenter


Workflow Manager in  powercenter

Flow within a Workflow

Workflow Manager Reusability & Scheduling  

Workflow Monitor Components

Workflow Task & job handling


  1. Advanced Transformations


Advanced transformations (Java, SQL, Normalizer)

XML File Processing

Transaction Processing

Features of Error handling

Data cleansing (Advanced Functions, Regular Expressions)

Reusability features


  1. ETL scenarios using Informatica


Changed Data Capture

Incremental Aggregation

Constraint Based Loading etc.

Advanced techniques with file types

Loading Dimensional Tables


  1. Informatica PowerCenter Environment - Service & Support


PowerCenter Error

Basic troubleshooting procedure


Workflow and Session logs to identify bugs

Connection Errors

Network errors

Recovery scenarios

Recovery mechanisms

Configuring workflow & sessions for recovery

High Availability

PowerCenter Environment

  1. Design Principles, Performance Tuning, and Caches


Performance Tuning procedure

Tips & tricks in Mapping design

Caching & Memory Optimization

Partition & Pushdown Optimization

Design Principles

Best Practices


  1. PowerCenter Repository Management


Functionalities of repository management tool

Maintenance of powercenter repository


  1. Informatica Admin and Security


Powercenter 10 features

Walkthrough of powercenter admin console

Properties of Integration and repository service

Users and groups


  1. Command Line 


Different commands like infacmd, infasetup, pmcmd and pmrep

Task automation through command-line programs


  1. Technical architecture of informatica 10



Application services

Connection pooling

Buffer memory

Connectivity among the tools.

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