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Jenkins Training by Sudaksha will teach you essential concepts like server automation, continuous integration (CI), Jenkins maste...

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Jenkins Training by Sudaksha will teach you essential concepts like server automation, continuous integration (CI), Jenkins master-slave architecture, build and configuration tools, different types of plugins, automated testing implementation, and more with hands-on experience with projects and case studies. After completion of this course, you’ll be able to clear the Jenkins Certification.  


Jenkins has been in the industry for such a long time and has a market share of 71%. Having more than a million users contributing to the community. Jenkins is a very popular tool and mastering it can help you get a job. The average salary for a build and release engineer with Jenkins is $ 93,052 per annum.




Jenkins is best suited for roles like IT Professionals, Software Testers, System admins, Security Engineers, and Solution Architects.


Course Curriculum


  1. Continuous Integration(CI)


Overview of CI

Benefits of CI

Implementing CI

From Hudson to Jenkins

Overview of Jenkins


  1. Getting started with Jenkins


Installation of Jenkins on local Machine

Setting up Jenkins

Architecture of Jenkins

Jenkins Terms

Overview of Jenkins UI

Jenkins Job Creation

Configuring Jenkins Job


  1. Plugins and their uses


Overview of Plugins

Adding plugins to Jenkins

Common plugins (Git, Parameter, Copy Artifact, HTML Publisher, and Extended choice Parameters)

Configuration of Jenkins and collaborating it with Java, Git, and Maven.

Creating Jenkins workspace and build

Periodical source code check with Jenkins configuration   

Working on Maven Build jobs


  1. build jobs and security set up


Freestyle build job creation

Overview of build triggers and steps

Adding properties and property files

Executing new build jobs

Build with Parameters

Distributed builds

Email notification setting

Enabling Jenkins security

Different levels of authentication

Various types of access 

Administration of the access.


  1. Automated testing implementation



Unit and integration tests automation

Test reports configuration in Jenkins

Displaying Test Results

Ignoring tests

Automating acceptance test with JUnit

Automating Performance Test with Jmeter


  1. Metrics to improve quality


Looking for foul code using code coverage

Initiating and usage of PMD Jenkins plugin

Setting up and using the findbugs jenkins plugins

Verifying HTML validity

Reporting with JavaNCSS

Working with gradle script build system in jenkins

Working with shell script build system in Jenkins


  1. Distributed Jenkins configuration


Overview of distributed Jenkins build

Configuration of master Jenkins node

Configuration of the Jenkins slave

Managing nodes

Distributing jobs over nods

Binding jobs within the master and slave 

Labeling the nodes for running certain jobs.


  1. Use and maintain Jenkins


Guide to maintain Jenkins

Jenkins do’s and don'ts

Jenkins backup

Migrating Jenkins from one server to another.


  1. Performing Continuous Delivery & Automated Deployment


Overview of Deployment

Implementation of automated and continuous deployment.

Deploying application on the application server

Installing and configuring tomcat.

Deployment of basic java web application using tomcat.

Jenkins build pipeline

Parallel jenkins build

Achieve generated artifacts

Integration of Jenkins (Github, Slack, Custom API) 

Scaling Jenkins


  1. Jenkins Pipeline


Introduction to the pipeline as code

Overview of pipeline plugin

Automation of Jenkins pipeline

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