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Power BI training by Sudaksha helps you acquire the essential skills that are required to become an expert in handling the Power ...

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Power BI training by Sudaksha helps you acquire the essential skills that are required to become an expert in handling the Power BI tool. In this course, you’ll learn concepts like Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service, Architecture of Power BI, Mobile Apps, Reports, Visualization, and procure business insights.

Power BI is being used by top-notch companies like Abbott, Danaher, Uline, Johnson Controls, and many more. The average salary of $69,070 per annum and the demand is high for Power BI professionals. 


This course is best suited for individuals who are interested in learning business intelligence, data analytics, and visualization. Working professionals who are in the roles of business analysts, Statisticians, business intelligence managers can also enroll.


  1. Introduction to Power BI

About Business Intelligence

Learning Self Service Business Intelligence

Overview of SSBI Tools

Getting started with Power BI

Why Power BI?

Benefits of Power BI

The flow of Power BI

Elements of Power BI

Power BI Architecture

Power BI Building blocks


  1. Power BI Desktop


About Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop data sources

Data Sources connection

Query Editor in Power BI

Managing data with Query Editor

Combining Data – Merging and Appending

Cleaning irregularly formatted data

Power BI Desktop views

Modeling Data

Managing Data Relationship

Cross Filter Direction

Creating calculated tables and measures

Optimize Data Models


  1. Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)


Key concepts in DAX

Importance of DAX

DAX Syntax

DAX Data Types

Calculation Types

DAX Functions

DAX Measures

DAX Operators

DAX tables

DAX filtering

DAX queries

Naming parameters in Dax


  1. Data Visualization


Overview of visuals in Power BI

Creating Power BI charts

About Matrixes, tables, and Slicers

Map Visualizations

Single Number Cards and gauges

Colour Modification in charts and visuals

Shapes, text boxes, and images

introduction to Custom Visuals

Page layout and formatting

KPI Visuals and Z-Order


  1. Data insights and Power BI Q&A


About Power BI Service

Comparing Dashboard and Reports

Quick Insights in Power BI

Dashboard creation

Configuring a Dashboard

Power BI embedded

Power BI Q&A


  1. Direct Connectivity


How to use Excel data in Power BI?

Finding live connections with Power BI

Using power bi to connect directly with SQL Azure, HD Spark and more.

Overview of Power BI Development API

Importing Power View and Power Pivot

Power BI Publisher for Excel

Content packs

Getting started with Power BI Mobile


  1. Power BI report servers


Basics of Report Server

About Web Portal

working with Paginated Reports

Row-level Security

On-premises Data Gateways

Scheduled Refresh

Resources (Rest API/ SOAP API/ URL Access)


  1. Power BI Advanced Analytics


Integrating R with Power BI Desktop

R visuals in Power BI

Custom Visuals powered by R

R visuals creation in Power BI

R Visuals in Power BI Service

R Scripts Security

Using Python to Create visual

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