Elevating Performance - Building a solid mental foundation

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This course is about neuroscience of performance. After doing this course, you will be able to unde...


The world today in becoming increasing complex. The demand on the modern world employee can be very competing due to personal and professional priorities. The amount of work is increasing, the workplace models are changing and individuals are expected to lead through uncertainty. All of this lead to stress.

In the modern world, stress and anxiety are taken as a way of life. I have conversed with numerous people and I get surprised by the ways even many successful people are ignoring anxiety.

Ignoring anxiety can be very detrimental to your personal and professional success. According to Institute of health metrics and evaluation, an estimated 284 mil people had an anxiety disorder as on 2017, making it most prevalent disorder. Left unchecked, it leads to underperformance, uncontrolled mood swings, irrational decisions and this delivering suboptimal performance.

The good news it that it can be handled. The need is only acknowledging the need to deal with anxiety.

Our course is a four module course targeting at individuals who want to take helm of their performance. It focuses on the underlying factors of how to build a solid mental foundation to deliver top performance. We use examples, reference, frameworks and real life examples to make this learning more experiential and immersive. Before the start of the program, we do baseline the emotional agility score.

By the end of this program, your emotional agility score will improve significantly. You as an individual, will be more aware about how to control your actions during demanding situations, how to display higher self control and understand how to gain ability to make sound decisions under stress. Please don’t forget that practice is the key.

For anything you need a clarification, we are with you. All the best. Go for it

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Module 1 - Understanding Anxiety
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Module 2 - VUCA world and expectations from an employee
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Module 3- Neuroscience of Performance
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