Long Duration program in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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Machine learning has become the core of the value creation and transformation process in all spheres...


Machine learning has become the core of the value creation and transformation process in all spheres of our life - Business, agriculture, healthcare, government, defence and scientific research. The rush to gain competitive advantage through machine learning has created a big gap between demand and availablity of qualified people in this field .
The machine learning course from Sudaksha prepares the participants to fill this skill gap. Participants are trained on
To solve real life problems through exercises, hackathons and projects. The objective of the course is to make the participants ready for deployment on customer projects in various domains.


Includes :

Python programming for Data Science and Machine Learning

AIML Foundation Module and 

Statistical and Mathematical Foundations of Data Science and Machine Learning


6 month ₹ 24999
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Linear Algebra - Vector
Linear Algebra - Matrix
Bayes theorem - probability
Bayes theorem for prediction and how much can we rely on ML predictions - context matters
Independence and Chain rule - probability
Expected value-Variance-Covariance-Standard Deviation and normal distribution
Introduction to Python - Origin, Philosophy and Simplicity
Introduction to Python and computational thinking
Python - comments, variables and types, lists, console io
Getting started with Python - comments, datatype
Python - comments, datatypes, assignment
Python - List, set, tuple, dictionary
Python-data structure
Python - lists and other collections
Python - Control Flow
Python-Control Structure
Python Functions
Python - Functions and classes
Functions and classes - Part 1
Python - Exception Handling
Python - Functions and classes
A brief history of AI and Machine Learning
Introduction to Data Science
Getting to know what we would learn
Overview of AIML
Finding use of ML is left to our imagination - importance of problem formulation
ML with Python is simple - an example
Types of Machine Learning - PPT
Types of Machine Learning
Regression - Part 1
Regression - Part 2
Classification exercise with digital data base
Classification Performance Metrics
Use Cases of Classification
More about types of Supervised learning
Deep Learning
Lifecycle of ML - Solution
Lifecycle of ML - Regression
Lifecycle - Data Munging and Data Wrangling
Lifecycle of ML - 2 Regression
AIML Foundation Module